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1 x Thunder, Deep Purple, Peter Frampton + Special Guest @ Cardiff International Arena

Hi there,

I PM'd <font color="blue">ericgtr</font> about this, to see if I could advertise this on here, and he said that he would make an exception this once.

As there are so many UK people on here at the moment, I thought it the perfect opportunity to advertise this.

I have one spare ticket for the Thunder, Deep Purple, Peter Frampton and Special Guests gig on Sunday, 14th November, 2004 (yes, this month, yes, just under 2 weeks away) at Cardiff International Arena, kicking off at 19:30.

Price is exactly what I paid for it.

PM me if you are genuinely interested, and we will take the discussion offline.

Also, there's a special added bonus, if you like Thunder, and are able to meet me at the venue !

Anyway, for more information, check out :


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Re: 1 x Thunder, Deep Purple, Peter Frampton + Special Guest @ Cardiff International Arena

Thought about it and then realised that Ellie gets baptised that day! Don't think it would go down to well. By the way mate, the train comes back in the direction of Reading, NOT Paris!

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please, has anybody these bootlegs?

Joe Lynn Turner
Soul Searcher 1 CDR Boston, 30.12.1985 + Studio
Spotlight Kid 1 CDR Milwaukee, 07.07.1994
Undercover 1 CDR Tokyo 1997, Osaka 1997, Rockline 1991
First Acoustic Night 1 CDR Ulm, 10.11.1997 with Nikolo Kotzev
Master Of Illusion 2 CDR Tokyo, 22.10.2000
Live In Anaheim 1 CDR Anaheim, 20.01.2006

Deep Purple

Detroit 2 CDR Detroit, 15.04.1991
You Sure This Is Hartford 2 CDR Hartford, 18.04.1991
Westwood One 2 CDR Philadelphia, 20.04.1991
Slaves+Masters Tour - Tokyo 1. Night 2 CDR Tokyo, 24.06.1991
Slaves+Masters Tour - Tokyo 2. Night 2 CDR Tokyo, 25.06.1991
Slaves & Kings 2 CDR Sao Paulo, 21.08.1991

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