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Nothing bothers Derek Jordan more than people surrendering to conformity and undermining their ability to control their own lives. Embracing your individuality is the core message throughout his music. The songs in "Identity" address several character-shaping themes such as the need for acceptance and love in "War with Your Love" and longing desire for significance in "Geronimo". The first track of the album, "Goodbye Jupiter", reflects on the struggle to live your life in the present instead of the past.

"This is about being an individual and shutting the door on conformity. Every one of the ten songs on the album relate to who you are and what you think of yourself. People tend to struggle with deciding on who they really are. Today, with all of the billboards, tv shows, and lame gossip magazines, it is hard to decipher what makes you you," says Derek. "Really everything begins in the mind. You can control it and you can own it. That's what I'm after."

Derek has had firsthand experience battling the pressures of conformity. In 2004, he packed his bags and moved from his hometown, Pittsburgh, PA, to Chicago, IL, to double major in marketing and real estate at DePaul University. He earned honorable grades while watching his musical aspirations slip away to a point he couldn't withstand. He didn't quit school. Instead he graduated with excellent grades and took off for the west coast in June 2007. After a brief stint with rock band, Scarlet Sun, Derek embarked on a solo career. He began feverishly composing songs when he was enlightened with the idea of recording his first full-length album. Derek utilized the internet by finding a couple musicians over MySpace and producer/engineer Ryan Dennison of Recording Studios Los Angeles. The result became "Identity".

About Derek Jordan
Born and raised in "Steel Town", Pittsburgh, PA, Derek began playing guitar at age 11. His most predominant musical influences are Led Zeppelin, Chris Cornell, Stone Temple Pilots, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He loves fusing a variety of styles into his songs, including blues rock solos, System of a Down riffs, modern rockabilly progressions, and Eddie Veder-like alternative rock vocals.
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