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10cc - 1983-09-30 - Rotterdam
(FM broadcast FLAC)

ahoy rotterdam
good FM quality


about a year ago this was a torrent here.
this is my own rec. of that night.

the downside of this rec. is that,because
of the complete use of the tapes in that
time, i turned at the end of the tape.
so now and then it was in the middle of a song.
5- art for arts sake + 11- dreadlock holliday
arent here.
13-had a little skip; i repaired it as good as possible.

the positive thing is that the quality of this recording is much better
as the previous torrent,
and that i'm not in love is complete + wont feel the benefit (14min!!!)
is on this one......

i crossfaded the missing parts.

01 Wall Street Shuffle
02 City Lights
03 I'm Mandy Fly Me
04 Working Girls
06 Lying Here With Me
07 The Things We Do For Love
08 Food For Thought
09 Good Morning Judge
10 Feel The Love
12 I'm Not In Love
13 Wont Feel The Benefit

time 60min.


1 - 16 of 16 Posts