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Rich Watkins said:
I've already got a Pod XT and can get decent tones with it but [...]
1). Pod XT with outboard power amp and PA speakers.
2). 2x12 combo dedicated guitar amp.
3). Head and cab (4x12) setup.
Which option would you guys choose, what brand of equipment and what particular model. I play mostly progressive rock ala Dream Theater. Thanks for all your suggestions. Rich
If you're playing that style of rock, you really shouldn't look at anything but a full tube rig. Personally, I prefer Marshalls, although there are some others that sound pretty good ( but are generally more expensive).

For $1200, you should be able to find either a decent TSL combo or a used head/4x12 pairing. I would suggest a Plexi re-issue if you can find it, paired with a 1960 cabinet. 50W is probably a good fit, given that you'll probably be more focused on the overdriven tones.

Once you play through a real (i.e., all-tube) Marshall half-stack and feel the dynamics of the rig, you'll never go back to the POD.


...but, this one goes to eleven....
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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