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I am going to try to share every Who show that I have collected over the last 5 years from various forums, blogs and private hubs. I want to thank everyone who taped, shared, uploaded and everyone else I might have missed .
I am a lover of music with no talents to share other then to share what others who painstaketly shared before me. If any thing I have shared that you discovered to be officially released please inform Edge of guitars 101 or leave a comment to such or pm me and I will remove the thread. Thank you for allowing me the forum Edge to share with others what I have. God bless and enjoy the music. Dale aka dalmar6677

The Who

Lineage:Maxell XLII 90 cassette tape>Tascam CD-RW700 CD recorder>EAC>TLH FLAC 8>DIME
Transfered by/Uploaded by:sunvenusmoon


01-Heaven and Hell
02-Cant Explain
03-Young Man Blues
04-Tommy>Its A Boy>Amazing Journey>Sparks>Pinball Wizard
06-Im A Boy
07-Shakin All Over
08-Magic Bus (starts then cuts off)
09-Magic Bus (starts over from the beginning)

This is from a cassette from my personal collection.
The quality is dated sounding,but clear enough and quite listenable.
It sounds somewhat comparable to the Led Zeppelin Rockpile show,
and probably recorded by the same people with the same equipment.
The cassette was labeled,"7th gen",(I thought no one kept track of
gen past 3rd gen...)
Towards the end of "Magic Bus" the quality tends to get a bit muddy,
the band go off into some jam I am not familiar with and it sounds like
Pete does some heavy guitar feedback thing.....Classic....
Worth having is you like early Who. -dalmar6677--Rockpile Toronto.rar
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