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I am going to try to share every Who show that I have collected over the last 5 years from various forums, blogs and private hubs. I want to thank everyone who taped, shared, uploaded and everyone else I might have missed .
I am a lover of music with no talents to share other then to share what others who painstaketly shared before me. If any thing I have shared that you discovered to be officially released please inform Edge of guitars 101 or leave a comment to such or pm me and I will remove the thread. Thank you for allowing me the forum Edge to share with others what I have. God bless and enjoy the music. Dale aka dalmar6677

Disc One
I Can't Explain,
Squeeze Box,
Baba O'Riley,
My Wife,
Behind Blue Eyes,
Dreaming From The Waist,
Magic Bus,
Amazing Journey / Sparks
The Acid Queen,
Fiddle About,
Pinball Wizard

Disc Two
I'm Free,
Tommy's Holiday Camp,
We're Not Gonna Take It,
Summertime Blues,
My Generation,
Join Together,
My Generation Blues / Road Runner
Won't Get Fooled Again, (Cuts at 4.07)
: Chicago Stadium AUD.neil.rar
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