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1979-05-06 NEW YORK GONG & MOTHER GONG Kansas City (SBE)
Live Gong Manifestival

Gilli Smyth, Harry Williamson, Bill Bacon, Don Davis, Mark Kramer, Bill Laswell

1-01 Beautiful Country
1-02 Jamimji
1-03 I Wish You No Harm
1-04 Dogs
1-05 Prostitute Poem
1-06 Robot Woman
1-07 Nuclear Waste
1-08 The Rapist
1-09 I Am Your Fantasy
1-10 I Am Your Pussy

Daevid Allen, Bill Bacon, Don Davis, Mark Kramer, Bill Laswell

2-01 Tropical Fish
2-02 I Am Freud
2-03 Master Builder
2-04 intro
2-05 You Can't Kill Me
2-06 encore
2-07 Opium For The People (cut)

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This is soundboard, the sound is OK, but very hissy. Nevertheless, I will never thank you enough for this. Great great great !

Where did you find this rarity ?
It is the same recording as the one issued on a old GAS tape "Daevid Allen & New York Gong - Live in the USA 1979" (see here) but here it is much more complete. And to have the Mother Gong set is priceless.
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