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Anyone got this boot?

Prince 1982 2nd December Masonic Auditorium, Detroit
Working In Detroit
Label : African Shark Records
Catalogue : #AS 10-11
Disc Length : 67:01 / 58:26
Source : Audience Recording
Sound Quality : VG
Year Of Release :?

1. Controversy
2. Let's Work
3. Little Red Corvette
4. Do Me, Baby
5. D.M.S.R.
6. Lisa's Solo
7. With You (instrumental)
8. How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
9. Lady Cab Driver
10. International Lover
11. 1999
12. Band Introductions - Delirious

[The Time Opening Act]

1. Get It Up
2. Cool
3. Girl
4. Wild And Loose
5. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
6. 777-9311
7. The Walk

[Vanity 6 Opening Act]

1. Drive Me Wild
2. Wet Dream
3. If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
4. Nasty Girl

I am perhaps being a little harsh in rating the sound quality on this release as being a VG audience recording. It could quite easily fit into the VG+ category too, however it is just lacking that certain extra something which, in my opinion, all other VG+ recordings have. There is no doubting it is a very good, very complete release. We have all 3 performances from the Triple Threat date here, however there are small parts from each one missing. The Time's set appears to be the most complete of all 3, however the sound quality on their set is a little poorer than both Prince's or Vanity's. The Vanity 6 set is missing the opening of 'Drive Me Wild' and the audience are talking over the first few numbers rather loudly. Prince's set is also missing the beginning of 'Controversy', and the closing encore of 'Delirious' fades out prematurely. As this is one of the earlier 1999 concerts, the show features the additional lyrics and musical part during 'Lady Cab Driver' which extends it to double it's normal running length. A few lines from other songs have also been added during the set (lines from both All The Critics Love U In New York and Let's Pretend We're Married appear) without the actual songs being performed. And to close out the show there is a rare encore of 'Delirious' which Prince proceeds by introducing each band member. Overall, whilst this is lacking the polish and cleanliness of many other 1999 shows in circulation, it is an extremely enjoyable and very complete release.

[From The Databank]

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