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Metro Centre, Rockford, IL 3/22/83
March 22, 1983 - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL TOUR
Ozzy collapses after COTG, no encores performed.

WRATHCHILD VERSION from Original Tape Trade Source

Lineage: Tape Trade ---> TDK LOW BIAS Cassette ---> AVS Audio Editor ---> WAV ----> CD Architect (Combine tape sides, create fades) ---> WAV ----> Sony Soundforge ---> MASTERING ---> WAV ----> AVS Audio Editor MAstering and file splitting ---> WAV(s) ---> BIG SOFT Audio COnverter ---> FLAC ----> Traders Little Helper (Remove SBEs) ---> FLAC ----> Z-ZIP Compress Archive ---->ZIP ----> YOU!!!

Legnth - 1:00:06

Famous OZZY COLLAPSES SHOW with "Public Service Announcement" as its billed on You Tube. Not sure how this circulates, but here is the WRATHCHILD RECORDINGS version along with MASTERING notes below.

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Jake E. Lee – Guitar
Don Costa – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Don Airey – Keyboards

Track List:

1. Diary Of A Madman Intro

2. I Don't Know

3. Mr. Crowley

4. Crazy Train

5. Suicide Solution

6. Revelation (Mother Earth)

7. Steal Away (The Night) -cut

8. Tommy Drum SOlo -cuts in

9. Believer

10. Flying High Again

11. Iron Man

12. Children of the Grave

13. Ozzy Collapses Announcement


Taken directly from the TDK Cassette tape trade made back in the 80's after having been stored up in my hot attic for the last 18 years.

AVS Audio Editor
Compression - Guitar pre set
Noise Gate - Cassette recording setting
Raised Bottom, lowered high end

Sony Soundforge
Audio Restoration Setting/Noise reduction
Click ANd Crackle remover

I don't have any other Lossless or Lossy copies of this concert to compare this to but i think it cleaned up nicely. the right side was muddier than the left and needed more work.!GtUyzZLY!RFuni5ZNprY_WNqthhVkBNot7dM0NwTZEkDDnbXWU-k


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