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Men At Work
Merriweather Post Pavilion
a Soundboard Recording

Taped for a Special ABC Rock Radio Network post-concert FM broadcast on WIYY 98 Rock in Baltimore (only -)

an eeklair 'Spruced up' Rework (but its not my rip. I taped the broadcast but that tape was stolen. I received this in trade back in the 1990's through the advent of internet trading (pre-torrent days)).

Lineage is something like: FM > Cassette > Cassette > CD-R > WAV (eek tweak) > Flac Level 5 (Default) > you.

01 I Can See It In Your Eyes
02 No Restrictions
03 The Longest Night
04 Blue For You
05 Who Can It Be Now? (No Fade Out as on the not-so circulating bootleg)
06 Falling Down
07 No Sign Of Yesterday
08 High Wire
09 Overkill
10 Helpless Automaton
11 I Like To
12 Underground
13 Down Under
14 Upstairs In My House
15 Coldfinger
16 It's A Mistake
17 Be Good Johnny

Eeklair's Notes:

I was out walking in my neighborhood, about 1 mile from Merriweather back then, I knew nothing about MAW, but was hearing this concert going on throughout the woods where I was walking. I started really digging the music. I got in my car and drove over to park in the MPP lot (free back then) to tailgate with the other 'bums' doing the same thing... Then on the radio, WIYY in Baltimore, the announcer, I believe Alan Colter back then, announced that right after the concert the entire performance would be aired on the ABC Rock Radio network. I thought, KEWL, I'll go home and tape it.

I get home, tape it, love it, listen to it, fall in love with it instantly, became an instant fan. Next night I drove out to Merriweather to meet friends in the lot to listen to yet another band, I think it was Aerosmith or somebody.. To tailgate, drink beer, get laid, that sort of thing, and I brought my master tape of MAW I taped off the radio the night before to share with friends in the car radio. Three beers later and before I knew it, the damn tape got stolen and i went nuts over it for some 18 years or so. Then i found a trader online in the late 90s that had a great 1st gen copy. Thing sounds great. Phenominal really...

Azimuth is off a bit, its not perfect, but it ain't unlistenable under phones. Headphones that is...

i did a little 'automatic phase correction' and EQ-ed tracks 11-17 to have better high end - so they would match the previous tracks timbre. Be Good Johnny ended abruptly so I repaired it for continuity sake.

Crank this, IT ROCKS. Post Pavilion-Baltimore,Md.part1.rar Post Pavilion-Baltimore,Md.part2.rar
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