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1984 -
Thames Television, Broom Lane Studios, Teddington UK;
March 31, 1967

Line up: Dave Dilloway - bass guitar
John Garnham - rhythm guitar/vocals
Brian May - lead guitar
Tim Staffel - vocals/harmonica
Richard Thompson - drums
John Sanger - piano

01. Hold on I'm coming (Isaac Hayes/ David Porter)
02. Knock on wood (Eddie Floyd/ Steve Cropper)
03. NSU (Jack Bruce)
04. How can it be (Ron Wood)
05. Step on me (take1) (Tim Staffel/ Brian May)
06. Step on me (take2) (Tim Staffel/ Brian May)
07. Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)
08. Our love is driftin' (Elvis Bishop/ Paul Butterfield)
09. Remember (Jimi Hendrix)
10. Sweet wine (Ginger Baker/ Janet Godfrey)

Taken from

Also from 1967, and of far more interest, is 1984's professionally recorded Thames Television demo tape.
During his first-year of study at Twickenham Technical College, Dave Dilloway had made friends with a number of technicians, or trainee technicians, at the Teddington-based ITV Company, which served the London area.
The station had recently invested in new recording equipment, and rather than hire professional musicians at the usual union rate, in a set up similar to the first Queen sessions at the De Lane Lea studios, 1984 were let loose in the studio to record at their leisure.
Dave Dilloway's carefully preserved tape still plays perfectly, and includes the following songs: "Hold On I'm Coming", "Knock On Wood", "NSU", "How Can It Be", two early run-throughs of the original May/Staffell composition "Step On Me" (which eventually became the B-side to Smile's "Earth"), "Purple Haze", "Our Love Is Drifting'", and medleys of "Remember"/"Sweet Wine" and "Get Out My Life Woman"/"Satisfaction".
The session ended with a run-through of "My Girl".

"What an extraordinary amalgam!" declares Tim Staffell today.
"There's Tamla, Cream, Hendrix, Lee Dorsey… 'Our Love Is Driftin' ', we'd have heard by Paul Butterfield.
I'd forgotten there was such a large soul component in 1984!"

Dave Dilloway has the technical details: "This tape is the most recent, best and most representative of 1984 that I'm aware of.
It is mono, but since it was made on good quality TV studio equipment and was carried out along the lines of a proper studio recording, with separately mixed microphones for each source, it is remarkably good quality for its age.
The material, except for 'Step On Me', is all cover versions, but as it dates from the late 1984 era, Brian's playing is more prominent and effective, with his own style starting to show through.
All the performances are competent - particularly Tim's vocals and Brian's guitar; although the mix is a little heavy on John's rhythm guitar for some reason, probably the 'ear' of the recording engineer at the time.
All tracks were laid down in one take, i.e., no overdubbing at all, so the sound is predominantly simple, as per our live versions."


01 - Hold On I'm Coming.flac:b2c2a589622b94ab22b17d0a0e96de28
02 - Knock On Wood.flac:295cae8523be89517b6d9fd9187079aa
03 - NSU.flac:92463c509bbc6b05640278d213393c0b
04 - How Can It Be.flac:5fbea9ae9d2e23661fed36b45d1db0db
05 - Step On Me.flac:da86b471f4025b456581d506144d0234
06 - Step On Me 2.flac:92f41fea2677127d2df288ba454d955d
07 - Purple Haze.flac:8a8b72bbd6f7232e987f7627dee0a4d4
08 - Our Love Is Driftin'.flac:45418726b3e15a5f7bad0ca66f7fe2a3
09 - Remember.flac:60e56c55ca2215e9f007e644f49a474e
10 - Sweet Wine.flac:e462874a75e2278d82a6db4200d55fde

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