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I'm selling one sweet guitar. Serial number 91018876.

Experience marks:
There are several blemishes on the back rim of the body which you can see in the pictures; from normal use. There are several mini dimples in the front face of the body which are only visible when looking very close to the surface, the size of a ball point pen tip.

I had a Sustainic pickup system installed at one point. The neck pickup cavity was routed about 1/8" deeper for that pickup. I've since had a custom wood spacer fitted as to house a stock pickup in the neck cavity. Also that Sustainiac used a 9 volt battery so a battery box was installed via routed cavity. The battery box can be used in the future if you every want to use an active pickup. It was installed in a very clean and professional manner and it looks very natural.
The original Wolfgang neck pickup became defective so I replaced it this week with a brand new pickup (not from the original manufacturer). The neck pickup sheet metal base IS the original (only the wound bobbins are new). I have verified that the neck and bridge pickup are complimentary and the volume levels are matched as well.

The Glory:
OK now lets talk about how awesome this guitar is! This has been my only electric guitar since I bought it new in 1999. I've taken great care of Violet (that's her name by the way). I selected this guitar for the looks of course, but more importantly for the playability. You can easily play on the 22nd fret due to the generous cutaway and curved heel. The neck is so easy to navigate and your hand just glides up and down it; SMOOTH! The tremelo is super fun and the notes come right back in tune when you let off. The guitar is relatively light and it balances nicely on your body. I've written so many songs and played so many gigs with this guitar and it never fails me.

The hard case is included which is in super shape, original tools and manual. You'll notice I currently have a purple lightning strap with strap locks. I'll include this unless you message me telling me you don't care for it. I'll be shipping the original strap knobs with the guitar regardless. I just figure you might want this guitar ready to rock when you pull it out of the case.

I just put on new DR strings MT-Tite set (.010 - .046").

I had this guitar set up in 1999 and the intonation is still great. Those graphite rods in the neck make this such a stable guitar.

OK I've talked enough about my baby. It's time to move on to a custom hollow-body guitar so I'm selling my girl. Enjoy her as much as I have.

I will ship internationally. I am not responsible for custom fees. I will need to calculate the exact amount of shipping charges depending on your location. I will only charge the fair price that it will cost me to ship the guitar. Email me at [email protected].


See some videos of me playing here: (Notice this is with the Sustainiac system installed in the past).

go see all the pictures on my photo bucket:
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