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2000 shows in a link dump

I still have about 10,000 to get through, some will get deleted due to poor quality. Those familiar with my efforts know that I don't just shotgun repost, I carefully curate each one, verifying show info, dates, venues, lineage, etc., and listening to every show before I post, fixing dropouts, attenuating feedback squeals, etc, and correcting tracking issues, like gaps, incorrectly named files, overlaps, bad song transitions, etc.

So, even if you already have shows in this list, you might find my copies may fix some things "wrong" with the version you have.

This link dump is a big improvement from the last one, in that the list has friendly, sorted names and the links are clickable:
Font Screenshot Parallel Number Software

Here's the link dump:
2000 live concerts in a link dump -

See you at the next linkdump!
1 - 20 of 60 Posts