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David Bowie - 1997-01-09 - New York City, NY
(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

David Bowie and Friends
A Very Special Birthday Celebration
From Madison Square Garden in New York
"Telling Lies"
produced by Cowboy Films in association with Crossroads Films
distribution by TVKO Distribution.

David Bowie's 50th Birthday Concert
Madison Square Garden, New York

format: NTSC
resolution: 720X480 (CCIR-601 D1 - studio resolution), MPEG-2
bitrate: ~10Mbps (varies)
aspect ratio: 4:3
audio: Dolby Digital, 2 channels, 448 kBps
size: 7.74GB, 26 files, 4 folders

Disc One
01 Little Wonder
02 The Hearts Filthy Lesson
03 Scary Monsters - with Frank Black
04 Fashion - with Frank Black
05 Telling Lies
06 Hallo Spaceboy - with The Foofighters
07 Seven Years In Tibet - with Dave Grohl
08 The Man Who Sold The World
09 The Last Thing You Should Do - with Robert Smith
10 Quicksand - with Robert Smith
11 Battle For Britain
12 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction
13 I'm Afraid Of Americans - with Sonic Youth

Disc Two
01 Looking For Satellites
02 Under Pressure
03 Heroes
04 Queen Bitch - with Lou Reed
05 I'm Waiting For The Man - with Lou Reed
06 Dirty Boulevard - with Lou Reed
07 White Light White Heat - with Lou Reed
08 Moonage Daydream
09 Happy Birthday To Bowie
10 All The Young Dudes - with Billy Corgan
11 The Jean Genie - with Billy Corgan
12 Space Oddity
13 I Can't Read - dressing room recording
14 Repetition - dressing room recording

As stated on the covers, this DVD comes from the HBO Promo VHS of the show. So this is probably better than a VHS master of the broadcast, but not as good as a direct SAT to PC capture.




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Is there anyone here with much knowledge about Bowie's 50th birthday video and audio?
Could someone please tell me the best 'audio' source for this show?, as I'd like to add the best audio source by syncing it to the video...
My original VHS I recorded from pay per view in 1997 was lost by a friend a few years later, but the last 10 years or so I've had what I'm told is a transfer from master HBO promo (it actually has 2 more songs than the pay per view broadcast - The Man Who Sold The World and can't think of the other at the moment).
Has anyone ever seen an "all digital" capture of the video?, I haven't...
The supposed transfer from master HBO promo I have has a pretty average 5.1 surround mix someone has made, it almost sounds mono! hah
I have heard from 1 person that the "Save The Children" 2CD bootleg is the best audio source for this show?, does anyone else have an opinion?, and could somebody please seed the "Save The Children" 2CD from a known lossless source?
I'd be happy to share the newly synced DVD/Video here if I can find out and which are the best video and audio sources and get my hands on them...

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Here's a review from of the "Save The Children" 2CD bootleg by a guy who works as an audio engineer.
Based on that I would think it's most likely the best quality audio version...
Does somebody have it?, could somebody please share it?
Preferably from a lossless source with known generation...

This is a truly fantastic edition of what must have been an awesome show, and the sound quality is at least on a par with any official live releases from Bowie and is better than some I could think of - it's honestly that good.
The stereo imaging is very good indeed and the overall quality is outstanding (and it's very easy to forget you are in fact listening to a bootleg release) and whoever did this mix knew their stuff - it's either sourced from multitracks made at the time & mixed later or else it is taken directly from the broadcast truck and is easily one of the best live albums from anybody, never mind just from Bowie himself.
Now, if only someone would roll up their sleeves and sync the audio from this version to the video masters & stick it out on a Blu-ray disc - we would have a winner.

Awesome & highly recommended. If you do not own this one then you are missing out on a superb performance

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Sorry for the posts, there's a working download link here for the Coca Cola Planet Live Promo CD's:
I think the Coca Cola Planet Live Promo CD's are kind of like an "official promo" aren't they?, or maybe I'm wrong?
So maybe they are a better source than the highly rated "Save The Children" 2CD bootleg?, anyone know for sure?

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Seems the Coca Cola Planet Live promo CD's have been limited and bricked, the Save The Children CD's actually seem like the best audio source for this show....

Does anybody know where I can download the DVD as the 2 original SEPARATE DVD's before they were combined onto 1 single dual layer DVD?
It's quite likely when combining the 2 DVD's onto 1 DVD the video files were shrunk/compressed/re-encoded etc.
Could someone please tell me if you know where I can download this as the original 2 separate DVD's?

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Any luck with tracking down "Save The Children"?

On The Man's birthday revisiting stuff, so have come looking for DVD of his 50th birthday show at Madison Sq (I was lucky enough to be there) - I had DVD bought years ago from guy in the States while I was still living in UK - but can't find it! Pretty sure was from same source as this post from Edge as recall "Cowboy Productions" credit.

Anyway, wondered if you had any luck tracking down "Save The Children" 2CD which purportedly has best audio of this show. Ask because I would obviously be interested in not only it, but the end result of you syncing to the video you have - but also quite a while ago I did get the following which I'm listening to as typing. I'm not an audio engineer but sounds pretty good to me and it does have the Coca Cola source you also mentioned. Let me know if interested and will coordinate with getting you a copy:

David Bowie - 1997-01-09 50th Birthday Concert (SBD-FLAC)
50th Birthday Concert
Date: January 9, 1997
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Location: New York, NY
Pre-FM Soundboard
Liberated Bootleg: "David Bowie Coca-Cola Planet Live!" (Official
promo Austereo/MCM PL/DB01/1-2)

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Yes 4 months ago I actually did track down the best video and audio sources and combine them properly in sync to make a definitive video.
It's been confirmed to be the definitive version by a bunch of Bowie collectors I've spoken to...

The Save The Children audio I used is the best audio, the preFM Coca Cola Planet Live discs look bricked/limited for radio airplay and sound lacking in dynamics.

I have it torrented at as 1 single .mkv, also as 2xDVD, there's also a 2xDVD torrent at The Traders Den.
Not sure if it's been shared at Dimeadozen but anyone is free to share it there.
The .mkv and 2xDVD are exactly the same project.

I don't have time to upload it at the moment but the 3 torrents are at the following links, and info on the project below.

Bowie Station (.mkv).

Bowie Station (2xDVD).

The Traders Den (2xDVD).

David Bowie - 1997-01-09 - Madison Square Garden - New York - New York - U.S.A (Bowie 50th - lossless video & lossless PCM WAV audio .mkv by Brent Graham)
This is a lossless .mkv, for anyone interested in exactly the same project losslessly split over 2x 4.5GB DVD's I have a torrent at Bowie Station at this link:

I made this 100% lossless Bowie 50th .mkv from the original 2xDVD share made from the master promo HBO VHS, the MD5's matched the original share from way back, so I know the video is best source/generation possible as all the various versions being shared out there on the internet are from the same original 2xDVD source.
The audio is taken directly from the Save The Children 2xCD bootleg, myself and a couple of others agree it sounds a little better than the 2xCD Coca-Cola Planet Live promo CD's which were used for radio broadcast (the Coca-Cola Planet Live CD's had songs in wrong order, loud parts of crowd mixed in and looks to have been bricked/limited for radio broadcast), the Save The Children audio which I've used does seem to sound the best of the 10 or so different audio sources out there, and seems to be from the digital video broadcast. Audio is 2 stereo channel WAV PCM.
I cut the original 2xDVD's 100% losslessly (deleted about 6 seconds of repeated fade out / fade in footage where DVD1 fades out / DVD2 fades in, and I removed off the end the last 2 pre-recorded 'dressing room' songs which the credits rolled over but weren't actually part of the show, 2 reasons for this was Save The Children 2xCD audio didn't have those 2 songs, and I thought cutting off those 2 songs was going cut down the overall size so it would be able to just squeeze losslessly onto a DVD+R DL/dual layer DVD, which in the end was still too big to losslessly fit onto DVD - as a side note that also makes it extremely unlikely that all the other versions circulating out there on the internet that claim to be lossless really are lossless, because I've used lossless video and lossless audio directly from the original sources and didn't include the last 2 pre-recorded dressing room songs, yet still didn't fit losslessly onto a DVD+R DL, so I'm pretty sure all the other versions out there can not truly have lossless video and audio from the best sources, this .mkv is the only lossless version.
I'm certain the audio/video sync is correct, and does not need fixing, the Save The Children digital audio was running about 0secs.03 (about 1 NTSC frame)longer than the VHS audio for each individual song, so to keep in sync I had to remove about 0secs.03 of crowd noise / audio in between each song, this seems like an incredibly small amount but if I didn't fix it after 10 songs it would be a very noticeable 10 frames out of sync), when cutting I've made sure these miniscule cuts in between each song can not be heard!, I have used cymbals to sync the audio by single video frames at various places throughout the video, and am sure it's in sync (I'm Afraid Of Americans has some stuff that looks a little out of sync but the original video was edited that way for broadcast, as does some of Bowie's acoustic guitar in Space Oddity but a lot of that is pre-recorded DAT). *Strangely the last and most recent 'fix' I saw someone make of someone else's version of this show was still a prety big 5 frames out of sync for most of DVD 2 !?!?, the audio/video is definitely properly in sync on this video and does not need any fixing.
Probably too much info here for some and not enough for others!...
Any questions, suggestions, complaints, email me:
[email protected]
Brent Graham / bomber1978
September 2016
*There's so many variations with different audio / fixes etc. of this show on DVD out there I didn't know how to distinguish it from the others, so I've written my name in the title, please keep info file and MD5 checksum if sharing so it's not confused with the many other versions out there...

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Bless you Bomber! I definitely appreciate your detailed explanation of the various sources and how you constructed this. And thank for your all your time & work, syncing and putting this together. Like many, I spent a very sorrowful day last January in mourning with a dear friend, who's by far the biggest Bowie fan I've ever known. He's a bit older than I, and had seen Bowie many times since the early '70's (even meeting him once and got to hang out with Ronson briefly after a show.) Shortly after Bowie's passing, my buddy's mother died in March and I've been working on putting together some DVD's for him and this is one that will thrill him for sure. With so many versions floating about, and my having lost a few TB's of my collection (courtesy of Toshiba Ext HDD - stay away Toshiba Ext drives!) this is a huge help. Thanks again, and I apologize for my lengthy reply.
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