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.38 Special
Del-Win Ballroom
St. Cloud, MN
May 1st, 1992
AUD - 8/10

Don Barnes- Guitar, Vocals
Donnie Van Zant- Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Carlisi- Guitar
Danny Chauncey- Guitar
Larry Junstrom- Bass
Bobby Capps- Keyboards
Scott Meeder-Drums

Here's the newly "reunited" .38 Special playing a little place up in St. Cloud, MN called the Del-Win Ballroom. I say "reunited" because this marks the return of Don Barnes, who left the band in 1987 for personal reasons. The band performs all of it's classic hits and a couple of deep tracks as well for good measure. Don even sings a few songs that 38 did without him (i.e. Second Chance- their biggest charted hit to date) in the late 80s and early 90s to show that there are no hard feelings. The band has kept this lineup intact to the present, with the exception of a new drummer and the departure of guitarist Jeff Carlisi. This is a high-energy show, and the band looked and sounded like they were having a great time with the return of their old buddy Don Barnes.

Lineage: Aiwa J800 with Aiwa stereo mic on a Maxell XLII 90 Chrome cassette > SoundEdit16 on a Mac G3 (for track separation, fade in & fade out) > 16 Bit, 44.1 Stereo AIFF > Kodak Gold 74 CD-R > 192 kbps Mp3 > WinZip > Megaupload > You

No Artwork... Sorry.

Song List:
Disc One:
01 Rough Housin'
02 Back Where You Belong
03 The Last Thing I Ever Do
04 Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
05 Chain Lightning
06 If I'd Been The One
07 Rebel To Rebel
08 Jeff & Danny Acoustic
09 Money Honey
10 The Sound Of Your Voice
11 Stone Cold Believer
12 Fantasy Girl
13 Guitar Interlude/Second Chance
14 20th Century Fox
Disc Two:
01 Caught Up In You
02 Rockin' Into The Night
03 Hold On Loosely
04 Livin' In The USA

Enjoy! :rock:

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Hi, I can´t find it because the site was extinct. Could you send it over again please, if you have it.
I want to have it because it is not easy to find "The Sound Of Your Voice" with good quality.
Thanks for the compreension.
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