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Keith Richards - Solo Works - The Video Collection
(4xDVDfull pro-shot)

Keith Richards
Solo Works – The Video Collection
WLR 2146
Total 845 minutes / 14 Hours.

Original WLR DVD’s > DVD Decrypter > HDD

GSpot-Data: DVD 1
DVD VOB format
MPEG-2 Program Stream <<{1 vid, 1 aud}

Sysbitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
48000Hz 192 kb/s tot , stereo [2/0]

Codec: MPEG-2

Videobitrate 1999
Pic/s 29.970 ; Frames/s 29.970 , Fields/s 59.940
NTSC pic [wx 720 X 480 seq ext 720 X 480
Aspect ratio 4:3
Menu and chapters

DVD 1 - 245 Minutes
01.You Got The Silver
02.60's Reel 60's
03.Blind Date 1979
04.Sure The One You Need (New Barbarians 1979)
05.Let's Go Steady (New Barbarians 1979)
06.Apartment Number 9 (New Barbarians 1979)
07.Worried Life Blues (New Barbarians 1979)
08.Before They Make Me Run (New Barbarians 1979)
09.Talkin About My Woman (Checkerboard Lounge Chicago November 22nd, 1981)
10.Keith & Ronnie (MTV Interview)
11.Interview & Your Cheatin' Heart (Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute with Jerry Lewis)
12.Little Queenie (Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute with Jerry Lewis)
13.High School Confidential (Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute with Jerry Lewis)
14.Whola Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute with Jerry Lewis)
15.Goodbey Jerry And Keith & End (Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute with Jerry Lewis)
16.Keith & Mick Undercover Interview
17.Paul Schaffer Friday Night Videos (Part 1)
18.Paul Schaffer Friday Night Videos (Part 2)
19.Paul Schaffer Friday Night Videos (Part 3)
20.Jumping Jack Flash (Video Clip Aretha Franklin)
21.When Love Comes To Town (With U2)
22.Love Rescue (With U2)
23.Saturday Night Live (October 8th, 1988)
24.I Wanna Be Your Man (New Jersey , December 17th, 1988)
25.Run Rudolph Run (New Jersey , December 17th, 1988)
26.Keith Richards Rolling On (MTV Rockumentary)
27.Take It So Hard (Promo Video)
28.Make No Mistake (Promo Video)
29.Whip It Up (Rock Awards 1989)
30.Keep A - Knockin' (Rock Awards 1989)
31.About Guitars

DVD 2 - 240 Minutes
01.Shake Rattle And Roll (Expo 92)
02.Going Down (Expo 92)
03.Something Else (Expo 92)
04.Connection (Expo 92)
05.Can’t Turn You Loose (Expo 92)
06.Main Offender Interview
07.Wicked As It Seems (Promo Video)
08.EPK Main Offender
09.Jam (ABC Rehearsals)
10.999 (ABC Rehearsals)
11.Body Talks (ABC Rehearsals)
12.Wicked As It Seems (ABC Rehearsals)
13.Gimme Shelter (New Years Eve 92)
14.Going Down (New Years Eve 92)
15.Time Is On My Side (New Years Eve 92)
16.Eileen (VH1 Centerstage 1993)
17.ABC’s In Concert (March 19th, 1993)
18.Keith’s House (VH1 Interview Jamaica 1996)
19.You Got The Silver (Chicago March 26th, 1999)
20.Keith Interview (Jamaica)
21.Happy (With Sheryl Crow)
23.That Photo , Talk
24.Introducing Johnnie Johnson Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, March 19th, 2001)
25.Keith Talks About John Lennon
26.Dead Flowers (With Willie Nelson , April 14th, 2001)
27.The Worst (With Willie Nelson , April 14th, 2001)
28.Move It On Over (With Willie Nelson , April 14th, 2001)
29.Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (With Willie Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis , May 5th, 2004)
30.We Had It All (With Willie Nelson)
31.Trouble In My Hand (With Willie Nelson)
32.The Ring (Keith Versus Dave Matthews)
33.Keith Talks About Gram Parsons)
34.Love Hurts (Gram Parsons Tribute, July 10th, 2004)
35.Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons Tribute, July 10th, 2004)
36.Wild Horses (Gram Parsons Tribute, July 10th, 2004)
37.I’m Ready (Fats Domino’s New Orleans Tribute)
38.Keith Talks About Hurricane
39.Pirates Of The Caribbean (Screen Awards)
40.Louis Vittoun Part 1
41.Louis Vittoun Part 2

DVD 3 - 147 Minutes
02.Take It So Hard
04.Wicked As It Seems
05.Gimmie Shelter
06.Too Rude
07.Yap Yap
08.How I Wish
10.Big Enough
12.Time Is On My Side
13.Hate It When You Leave
14.I Could Have You Stood Up
15.Before They Make Me Run
16.Band Introductions
18.Will But You Won’t
20.Whip It Up
Track 1 / 20 Cologne 1992
21.Take It So Hard (New Years Eve 92)
22.Wicked As It Seems (New Years Eve 92)
23.Eileen (New Years Eve 92)
24.Happy (New Years Eve 92)
25.Tombstone Blues (With Sheryl Crow, Central Park NYC September 14th, 1999)
26.Kurt Loder Interview 1991
27.Keith Richards Interview (CBS Sunday Morning October 24th, 2010)

DVD 4 - 193 Minutes
01.Albert King Blues
03.Bodytalks 1
04.999 (False Start)
06.Instrumental 1
07.Wicked As It Seems
08.Eileen 1 (False Start)
09.Eileen 2 (False Start)
11.Instrumental 2
12.Gimmie Shelter
13.Bodytalks (False Start)
15.Yap Yap
Track 1 / 15 Rehearsals At The ABC Studios Chicago Il, December 27, 1992
16. Keith’s Interview
17.BBC Interview With Keith ; A Culture Show Special , Broadcast 28th October 2010
18.TV Broadcast ZDF (German Television) November 2010

Total 845 minutes

















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thanks this must be about all of the solo scraps excluding the full shows. the quality suffers a bit when there is 4+ hours on 1 dvd5 disc but its free!

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I'm not sure how people are able to get this..I've tried many, many times, finally downloaded disc 1...corrupt files. This is one of the few that this has happened with. I gave up, got "Needles & Spoons" & that works for me.

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Hello EDGE,
The second DVD is corrupt, I tried with all the extractors, but it doesn't complete the extraction.
if possible replace files in FileFactory
thank you in advance ... Frankye 👏 :sneaky::cool:
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