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'77 Gibson RD Artist

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I played one in 77! They are excellent guitars and the neck is incredably fast.
The one i played was a natural and i fell in love with it. It's an under-rated guitar that was only made very briefly. Now if you sell your SG...then I will morgage my house so give me a heads up so I can get the paperwork ready!! Good luck with it bro!! :thumb:
You'll have to dig up my coffin to retrieve the SG!!!!:shock:
"If there's a Rock N Roll Heaven....then I know they've got a Hell of a Band!!!"
:rock: :lol:
Robbie...I see the clock ticking's an awesome guitar...I think in the last 3 hrs of the action as it stands it's going to jump high....sometimes snippers wait for the of luck with it bro!!! It's looks like a killer guitar!!
Thx bro...yes, it IS an awesome guitar in near mint condition. But, it's gotta jump pretty much to meet my reserve!!!:lol: wasnt me, but check just jumped a clean hundred!!
and still 2 hrs to go....:rock: :rock:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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