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A couple more tunes: Sin Eater I & II

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Here's a couple of tunes from a while back, that were inspired by a movie called "The Order". For anyone not familiar with it, one of the central characters went by the name of "The Sin Eater".....hence the titles of the songs. :smirk:

The first one; "Sin Eater"....
....was written as an intro of sorts. The wife and I had actually watched the movie late at night and crashed out with the DVD still going, so the erie music on the menu page of the DVD played all night long. I woke up at around 6am or so and slapped this one together.

The second one; "The Order".... a more basic metal piece, that was meant as more of an action clip-type of montage. You know...portraying yer basic good vs. evil sorta scenario. LOL

Hope you enjoy them. :jam:

Due to file storage limits...I had to delete this mp3..if you want to hear it, you can find it on my SoundClick site on the "Music" page:
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Excellent work. Your compositional skills and guitar playing skills are both very admirable. These pieces had real cool atmosphere and textures to them; maybe you should be scoring movies in Hollywood. The second piece also had a bit of an Iron Maiden meets Metallica with Yngwie feel to it too.
Thanks man....wouldn't that be nice to make a living doing that sorta thing?? :D

I don't think that I could handle all the pressure of deadlines and the whole "Be productive and creative.....NOW!!!" type of atmosphere that most certainly goes with the territory in that line of work. :crazy:
Not to mention, I can't read or write a single note of actual musical notation, so I'd be totally screwed there too! LOL

As for the bands/musicians you mentioned in comparison, pretty much dead on as far as some of my favs that would be a pretty accurate assesment there.
Thanks again for listening! :icon_peac

hoyl fuck dude, you are awesome!! great writing and
Man....I'm soooo glad you showed up here!!!!:woot: I love your playing bro!!!!!!!:jam: These are gr8!!!!:bowdown:
Badass! Wonderful music. Can I ask what you used to record these? The guitar and drums both sounded killer.

Never stop making music.
Hey Chip! Great job. I loved the guitar work. Very well done!

Great stuff, I really love the first one, nice cinematic feel to it.
Yeah! Keep em coming! Agree with Rythameen that Sin Eater could have come straight off a soundtrack, very pro comp and production. Some absolutely sick riffing on both! :cool:
Yoyo316 said:
Badass! Wonderful music. Can I ask what you used to record these? The guitar and drums both sounded killer.

Never stop making music.
Thanks man!
Both of these are a bit older tunes...before I got my current GT Pro 2.0 setup working, so it was recorded on my Boss BR1180.
Guitars were my Dean EVO AS7 and Dean Avalanche 7 and played through a Digitech GNX1.
Both tunes were recorded pretty much the same, except that the lead lines on the first tune (Sin Eater) were all doubled by a 2nd guitar with an octave effect on it, set one octave higher and mixed in so that it was just audible...It kinda gave the main line a shrieky sorta feel in spots (especially on pinch harmonics)...which was what I was hoping for. :rock:

Drums were done in Fruity Loops Pro Express (which is an older version)...I Eq'd a bit on the BR1180 and added some reverb to 'em for a bit bigger sound.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a bass when I recorded either of they're both lacking a little low end thonk. LOL

Thanks again...let me know if there's anything else that I can answer for ya!

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Black Star, SG, Lace, Rythameen, Ender,

Thanks guys (and gal)! I appreciate the compliments!
BTW Ender...if your looking for some cinematic-type scoring brilliance ya really should check out alot of the stuff by SiD back over at GW. That dude has some incredible stuff....he's my main hero for the "under 2min Epic"! LOL
His "AM Radio", "My Guitar Squeaks" and "Say Something Semi-Original" tunes are a few of my alltime, top influences...even though I can't emulate him fer squat! :wutblau:

Thank again all!

Killer stuff! You write great tunes, keep them comming!
amazing stuff. intelligently written and well performed :thumb:
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