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Why is it that no one has ever attempted "Digital Extraction Stereo" mixes for the early mono sound Rolling Stones songs, specifically the Regent Sound recordings? At that studio, they used a 2-track Revox recorder, but it was not being used as a multitrack (as on the first two Beatles albums), but rather in a "Sound on Sound" mode. That means that the group recorded back and forth between the two tracks, adding additional instruments in each dub to the other track. The original 2-track tapes (if they exist) would have the finished recording on one track, and the same recording (minus its final overdub) on the other track.
It is unlikely that The Stones will ever permit ABKCO to do extraction mixes, but certainly some creative (and technically skilled) person out there in bootlegsville could do this. I hope that my post inspires somebody to "remix" these early tracks (the 1963-64 tracks recorded at Regent Soiund, De Lane Lea, Kingsway & IBC Studios)
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