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*Posted by theaccountant on VOAVHBOOTS *

Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland
June 12, 1976

Audience recording
Running time: 51:59
Lineage: "Scottish Bastards" LP > Turntable > Graphic EQ > Soundcard > Soundforge (wav) > TLH (flac level 8) > you

01-Live wire
02-She's got balls
03-It's a long way to the top
04-Can I sit next to you girl
05-The Jack
06-High Voltage
08-Baby please don't go

Another new fresh rip from an old boot LP from my AC/DC collection.
Since the last part of "Baby please don't go" had a fade-out at the original vinyl, I added the missing piece from an older cassette copy of this same show.

Enjoy and please don't distribute in downgraded formats.



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