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*Posted by jorge on VOAVHBOOTS *

AC/DC Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ September 14, 1985


WRATHCHILD RECORDS Version - This recording is from the MASTER COPY cassette used to record the show most likely previously UN-CIRCULATED

AIWA Tape Recorder-> Maxell High Bias Cassette-> AVS Audio Editor (added Low Boost and split files)-> WAV --> SoThink Video COnverter--> FLAC copies --> Trader's Little Helper (remove SBEs)---> FLAC --->You

01. Audience Intro
02. Fly on the Wall
03. Back in Black
04. Shake Your Foundations
05. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
06. You Shook Me All Night Long
07. Sin City
08. Jailbreak
09. The Jack
10. Shoot to Thrill
11. Highway to Hell
12. Sink the Pink
13. Whole Lotta Rosie
14. Let There Be Rock
15. Hells Bells
16. T.N.T.
17. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

Very Typical and energetic FLY ON THE WALL 1985 Tour. Alas some more techincal difficluties with what may have been the very last show recorded by the original klunky AIWA recorder. I can't be for certain but that would be my guess as I know I was still using it for the August 16th Bruce Springsteen Giants Stadium Show (which also suffers from being INCOMPLETE but the first 90 minutes came out with GREAT sound. This show was only a few weeks later and since I was still in high school and probably hadn't made it out to the city yet to purchase the second AIWA recoder, its a safe bet this was recorded with the first.

Instead, it appears the first AIWA recorder may have been dying right before my very eyes. As you can see the recording came out very to moderately distorted. At one point about midway through the show you can hear me comment that the recording light was no longer on but that the player/recorder was still moving and that perhaps the batteries were dying. Not soon before that you can hear the drop in quality of the tape as the distortion becomes greater as the show progressess. Not knowing if the show was being recorded or not I percevired and kept recording not knowing the outcome until i would get back to the tape deck of my car.

This distorted caputure of the nights events is also incomplete as it appears I was trying to save the batteries and not record any encore audience noise. I stopped the recorder and hit record when the encore songs started. It also appears that I didnt bother with a tape change when the 90 minutes ran out during FTATR.

Well having a not so good sounding recording of a show is better than not having one at all. I was a huge AC/DC fan and these two area shows (+ Nassau in November) culminated in me finally seeing my heros live (which would also be the ONLY times that I went to see them). 1985 also culminated in the first round of the Brian Johnson years with just 4 great albums in a row and non stop touring. After that was the WHO MADE WHO record and then what settled in as pretty much cookie cutter sounds from the boys down under for the next 20 plus years.

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