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Ace Frehley
Milwaukee, WI
June 29th, 1987

FM Broadcast>Maxell XLS-II C-90 Master

Transfer Lineage:
Sony TC-WE475 Deck->JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW->Extract Soundforge 9.0->HD->TLH->Flac level 8->Dime

First Time Uploaded Anywhere.

This new FM Master Cassette Transfer to CD-RW was created on 1/10/11 and Dime'd on 6/11/12

Okay KISS fans, here's one from the late 80's when ACE was in full force making a strong come back. This isn't too widely circulated, so if you dig some ACE, this is worth a grab.

Very Good to Excellent Quality. check Mp3 sample.


01 Rip It Out
02 Stranger In A Strange Land
03 Something Moved
04 Cold Gin
05 Love Me Right
06 Into The Night
07 New York Groove
08 Rock Soldiers
09 Breakout
10 Shock Me>Ace Solo
11 Calling To You
12 We Got Your Rock
13 Deuce
14 Rocket Ride

Total Time = 77:19 min

I want to thank a fellow Dimer (Kevin W.) for letting me borrow his FM tape last year.
I'm sure he wont' mind if i share it here. I also have Chicago 87 if needed.

Enjoy, George


MD5 created using TLH

51924e56bc22027d477247b5f0232604 *01 Rip It Out.flac
b205795a45cee5a2bf2541d346938dc2 *02 Stranger In A Strange Land.flac
02f0fd74d20a23b92097d8758d7d71d4 *03 Something Moved.flac
277a103c4463f33a04bbd75442e63f1b *04 Cold Gin.flac
33f0adf815b0c1b14dfecb4aac5d1b2b *05 Love Me Right.flac
6c09e0801317ef8cb1c4dd9001b77a64 *06 Into The Night.flac
81cd3fb900ef3e1eb8aa38a9b823af2a *07 New York Groove.flac
7bbe4cdcc53331df38ebc0b876c12d7a *08 Rock Soldiers.flac
ba7894a74f82c321a4dfb6511f269448 *09 Break Out.flac
ed594770177c9ca58c5b742861482608 *10 Shock Me - Ace Solo.flac
a938209afb58c06532aa70af83356f70 *11 Calling To You.flac
4991a00161ee097401dfd4f64c89650a *12 We Got Your Rock.flac
118639510fa3496f1308319843d4cf05 *13 Deuce.flac
b3a94a22f4c1e516463bc0767f1ac8bb *14 Rocket Ride.flac

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:
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