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Hi guys thought I'd pop in and give you an update on the new FREEWARE DIG 2.5 Head and Cabinet(s). We are almost ready to release and has a ton of new features..

DIG 2.5 Comes with 4 12AX7 tubes with adjustable BIAS for each and a Max gain setting per tube. It also comes with a new feature that we have never seen anywhere else. That is an adjustable Tube Filter. LP HP, Etc. This filter allows you access to further share the distortion wave in between tube 1 and Tube 2. The wave shape is then acted upon from tubes 2 through 4. You can create some really interesting tones from it.
Tube Adjustment Screen

You can select from 2 tone stacks. The previous DIG 2.0 tone stack is still available as well as the new DIG 2.5 tone stack...

DIG 2.0 Tone Stack

For those of you not familiar with DIG 2.0 tone stack it is pretty self explanatory..The DIG 2.5 tone stack on the other hand is relatively complicated...

DIG 2.5 Tone Stack

This is the new DIG 2.5 Tone stack, pretty standard controls, Bass Mid Treble, but we also see a Ball on the far right side of the tone stack. The X/Y values are linked to 2 selectable filters. LP, HP, BP, Etc. On the left bottom beside The ball are the intensity settings for these filters. This acts as a sweep knob on steroids
As you move the ball, the sweep values change...

DIG 2.5 Gut Options

DIG 2.5 Gut Options Extends the DIG 2.0 Gut Options in that the settings are 6 times more accurate, and we have added a couple new features. In previous releases of DIG we have noted that users were having a hard time modeling the amp of their choice. DIG 2.5 will come with preset based amp models, although we don't have a list of them, obviously Fender, Peavey and Marshall will all be represented. So through Gut options and by reading the manual, you should be able to model practically any amp you want. There are settings for Input Crossover, Tonestack Crossover, Post distortion filter, Presence Filter, and the new HISS filters. Using These hiss filters correctly will dramatically reduce the hiss from the gain section.

DIG 2.5 Cab Enhancer/Shaper

This was released as a standalone a week or so ago, but the New Cab enhancer does everything the released version 1.04 does and also includes enhancements to the lower frequencies...Just like 1.04 it can be used to enhance an Existing IR cabinet, , Enhance Mic'd cabinet, or be used as a stand alone Cabinet by itself.

So, We at AcmeBarGig hope you will enjoy this new FREEWARE release...Watch for it a release date has not been set...

DIG Developer
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