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Adam and the Antz
Who Taught You To...Vol.2
Also Known as
(Adam and the Ants)
(Punk In The SuperMarket)
(Decca Demos / Croydon Demos)

1 Zerox [Version 1] (Decca Demos)
2 Cleopatra (Decca Demos)
3 Red Scab (Decca Demos)
4 Whip In My Valise (Decca Demos)
5 Bathroom Function (Decca Demos)
6 Never Trust a Man (Decca Demos)
7 Rubber People (Decca Demos)
8 Catholic Day (Decca Demos)
9 Fall In (Decca Demos)
10 Juanito the Bandito (Decca Demos)
11 Physical (Decca Demos)
12 Friends (Decca Demos)
13 Kick! (RAK Studios)
14 Day I Met God (Decca Studios aka "Croydon Demos")
15 Boil In The Bag Man (Decca Studios aka "Croydon Demos")
16 Christian Dior (Decca Studios aka "Croydon Demos")
17 Song For Ruth Ellis (Decca Studios aka "Croydon Demos")
18 Family Of Noise (Decca Studios aka "Croydon Demos")

Decca demos recorded 26 August 1978
rak studios 14 November 1978
Croydon demos recorded 10th / 12th December 1978
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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