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Adolf Satan at The Choppin' Block, Boston, MA, July 24, 2003, audience recording.

This was recorded with Sony TCS-580V with built-in stereo mics. Maxell XLII went
from Onkyo TA-RW 313 into Audigy Soundblaster SE. I used Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 12
to make the initial wav files and the track markings. I also did a small amount of
editting for a tape flip. Wav converted to flac with Flac Frontend.

The sound quality on this gets a B+, sort of. I was sitting immediately in front
of the band, but the bass was having connection problems through the whole set,
and that really affects the show. I've recorded them a bunch of times, and this
is probably the sloppiest performance ever. The whole band is out of sync when
the first song starts for nearly a minute. After that, they'd have been fine if
the bass wasn't screwy. For those of you who have no idea who this band is:

Larry Lifeless - vocals
Josh Martin - guitar
Nick Camilleri - bass
Nate Linehan - drums
Seth Putnam - drums on tracks 10 and 11

Larry was in Kilslug and Upsidedown Cross, and Josh, Nate, and Seth were Anal Cunt,
at the time. Nick was in Kevorkian's Angels. Seth was the original drummer for
Adolf Satan, and he was present for this show. He guested on drums on the last
two songs. Beyond all of that, it's a consistent recording. There was a tape
flip after track 09, and blank space from the flip was removed.

Enjoy - don't sell, don't circulate lossy, and give credit to crematia13 when
uploading elsewhere. I will be uploading other Adolf Satan shows, each one a
special little train-wreck of it's own. Bye for now!

01 - Here Comes The Cum
02 - Point And Grunt
03 - Horribly Charred
04 - Pillow Shot
05 - Polio Juice
06 - My Sweet Gourd
07 - Dark Horses
08 - Snail Trail
09 - Bo Peep Stick
10 - Death Squad
11 - Into A Hole
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