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Adrian Belew - ROTO-ZIP
with Mike Hodges & Rick Fox
First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
July 27, 1989

Not Remastered!

This recording was obtained from Usenet in 2002. It's an A+ quality stereo soundboard. According to the original notes, it is a transfer from the master tape to DAT, downsampled to 44.1 from 48 KHz, with no generations of CD-R extraction. The files are taken from a safety backup CD-ROM, of the .wav files, converted from the original SHN format.

The only thing done to them has been to correct a 1 dB channel imbalance, and to move the track markers up to the beginning of each performance rather than somewhere before it started. No NR, pitch or phase correction was needed. The .wav files were then converted to FLAC.

Obviously, some people have this recording now. But it was generally uncirculated in 2002, and I've never seen it anywhere else since. - RMW


Disc 1

01 Cruelty To Animals
02 Hot Zoo
03 Three Of A Perfect Pair
04 Bad Days
05 Coconuts
06 One Of Those Days
07 Bird In A Box
08 1967
09 Oh Daddy

Disc 2

01 Heartbeat
02 House Of Cards
03 Bumpity Bump
04 Motor Bungalow
05 The Rail Song
06 Superboy
07 Elephant Talk
08 Guitar Sounds
09 Big Electric Cat

Artwork is included.

Please preserve the lossless quality of this material.

Remasters Workshop
RMW 123/124


dalmar6677-1989-07-27-Adrian Belew-First Avenue Minneapolis, MN [FLAC] (SBD) {ROTO-ZIP, RMW 123-124}.rar - FileFactory Avenue Minneapolis, MN [FLAC] (SBD) {ROTO-ZIP, RMW 123-124}.rar
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