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Greetings, guitarreros!

I am currently buying an old Rhodes piano, which I intend to repair and restore over the summer. I am a jazz piano player, and I have so far only sometimes used sampled Rhodes patches in conjunction with Guitar Rig (*ducks*). That's why I own a 180W Behringer keyboard amp.

But with the real deal arriving on my doorstep very soon, I am about to wade into your territory. I have currently no real clue how I'm going to amplify the piano. I am looking for that old warm tube amp sound of very rock-oriented jazz Rhodes players like with the late-60s/early-70s Miles Davis and Chick Corea stuff (not the super-clean later sound!) or Chris Potter's Underground. I don't really need much distortion, but the Rhodes needs to "sizzle" a bit. Usually Rhodes players use Fender Twins but those are quite a bit out of my price range.

These are the alternatives that I have come up with so far. Stop me if I am an idiot:

1. I'll get a tube pre-amp like those made by Seymour Duncan and hook that up to my Behringer keyboard amp.

2. I'll get a cheap tube combo amp like the Bugera V22 (22W). I have already learned that that has the disadvantage of delivering too little wattage. The Fender Twins have 85W and piano sounds need plenty of headroom to sound right across the whole range of the instrument (I know that well from trying to amplify grand piano patches).

Both of these solutions are around €250, but I'm willing to spend as much as €500. Should I ditch my Behringer, or do these pre-amps deliver?
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