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Great Bootleg of Against Me! - Live at Big Hall Arena, Vienna, Austria, 17 August 2010


01 High Pressure Low
02 Rapid Decompression
03 Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
04 Cliche Guevara
05 Thrash Unreal
06 I Was a Teenage Anarchist
07 Up The Cuts
08 White People For Peace
09 White Crosses
10 Suffocation
11 New Wave
12 Americans Abroad
13 Bamboo Bones
14 T.S.R. (This Shit Rules)
15 Don't Lose Touch
16 Walking Is Still Honest
17 Sink, Florida, Sink



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OUT-FREAKING STANDING! Thanks a lot for this post. Great sounding recording. Sounds like it was a loud show but it still sounds fantastic. Grab this even if you are just a casual fan and only know Thrash Unreal.

If anyone has not checked out the latest Against Me! album, White Crosses, run out to your nearest Best Buy now and just buy it. It is a fine, fine rock and roll record.

My only disappointment is they are not playing Because of the Shame ….. that’s my favorite song off the new album.
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