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Alan Parsons -
Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany
May 5, 1994-

"Try Anything Once" Tour of Europe

Lineage:Tape(?) (equipment unknown, taper unknown)->
Fujifilm CD-Rs, obtained in trade (late 2000-ish)->
EAC ->
Adobe Audition (speed correction: -1 semitone,
stretch about 6% slower than original speed)->
TLH (FLAC level 8)

Uploader:geoffers8 (all credit and thanks to the original taper!)

Quality: 8 (out of 10), to me (for some tape "warble")...

Scottie Collection

SET 1:
101 [cuts in] Sirius / Eye in the Sky
102 I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You
103 Luciferama
104 Turn It Up
105 Limelight
106 The Eagle Will Rise Again
107 Oh Life (There Must Be More)
108 Breakaway
109 I'm Talking to You
110 Psychobabble

Disc 1 Time: 52:38

SET 2:
201 A Dream Within A Dream / The Raven
202 Prime Time
203 Dreamscape / Back Against the Wall
204 Old and Wise
205 You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
206 Time
207 Wine From The Water
208 Standing On Higher Ground
209 Don't Answer Me (w/ Band Intros)

210 In The Real World

Disc 2 Time: 59:43

Total Time: 1:52:21


ALAN PARSONS- Guitar, vocal, keyboards, woodwind
STUART ELLIOTT- Drums and percussion
RICHARD COTTLE- Keyboards, saxophone
GARY HOWARD- Lead Vocals, guitar
CHRIS THOMPSON- Lead Vocals, guitar, percussion
JEREMY MEEK- Bass, vocals


I received this cd-r in a snail-mail trade a long time ago. It
sat in a drawer for years, as it was unlistenable due to speed
problems (the "chipmunk" effect). I recently obtained the tool
to correct that (adobe audition), but I resisted the urge to do
further tinkering with the sound. I leave that to you and your
personal preferences! I wanted to crossfade all the tracks back
together, too, as the fades are extremely annoying, but figured
it best to leave it as I received it, as much as possible...

There are many gems here, performed only on this tour (at
least to my knowledge), like "The Eagle Will Rise Again" and
"In The Real World," and the several 'Try Anything Once' songs. I
scoured the internets for setlists from this tour, and only found
one partial, so i don't know if the show is complete. There may
have been another encore song, or "Don't Answer Me" could have
been the first encore? Any further info would be appreciated...


If anyone wishes to re-master this show, feel free, and please
share your work. This is a very good recording, to my ears, but a
better source would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has 1995-08-13
at the TPAC in Nashville TN (regardless of quality), please post!!
That was my first Alan Parsons show...


(June 19, 2014)

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