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kindly shared by neuron
all the credit goes to him

Title: Alan Parsons Live Project - Vienna, Austria - March 22nd, 2013
Size: 722.32 MB
Category: Progressive Rock
Uploaded by: neuron

Alan Parsons Live Project

Friday, March 22nd, 2013 (8 p.m. CET)

Gasometer, Vienna, Austria

Recorded from a balcony a little right from the stage, some meters above it, about 15 meters direct distance. There is overall about 15-20 seconds of chatter during the breaks which was removed from this recording. Apart from that this is the whole show including breaks and announcements from the band. During the intro of 'I robot' I had to adjust the input level, therefore this non-intentional 'fade-in' effect there. ;-)

Lineage: OKM II AV/POP A3 > DR2 digital recorder > SD memory card > Cool Edit (equalizing) > FLAC Level 5

CD 1: (approx. 58 min.)

01 I robot
02 Damned if I do
03 Don't answer me
04 Breakdown/The raven
05 Time
06 La sagrada familia
07 I wouldn't want to be like you
08 The turn of a friendly card (part one)
09 Snake eyes
10 The ace of swords
11 Nothing left to lose
12 The turn of a friendly card (part two)

CD 2: (approx. 54 min.)

01 What goes up
02 Luciferama (Medley of "Lucifer" and "Mammagamma")
03 Psychobabble
04 Don't let it show
05 Prime time
06 -- band credits --
07 Sirius
08 Eye in the sky
09 -- encore break --
10 (The system of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
11 Old and wise
12 Games people play

ALAN PARSONS: Guitar, vocal, keyboards, percussion
P.J. OLSSON: Vocals
TODD COOPER: Vocals and Sax

Feel free to do whatever you like with this recording as long as you don't charge money for it!
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