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Alanis Morissette
Ludwigsburg, Germany
Scala Theatre

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: cass(m) > SoundForge > VirtosDeNoiser > FLAC
Quality: 8
Comments: A little bright, lacking bottom end

Set 1:
01. Right Through You
02. Not The Doctor
03. Hand In My Pocket
04. Mary Jane
05. Head Over Feet
06. King Of Intimidation
07. Forgiven
08. Perfect
09. All I Really Want
10. Can't Not
11. You Oughta Know
12. Wake Up
13. No Pressure Over Cappuccino
14. Ironic
15. You Learn
16. Your House

4,603 Posts
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Bit confused. If the source is soundboard why is it labeled [AUD]?
My bad.. this was one of the Alanis boots that I'd originally had labeled as AUD but after a careful review, it is almost certainly a board. Her sound man (I know that's no longer PC to say, but yea) seemed to like to boost the audience mic between songs... this is fairly common, but this mixer took it to an extreme. But as soon as Alanis starts singing, the mix is brought back to straight board and you don't hear any audience. I mistakenly posted this as AUD but I'm pretty certain it's a board. Please let me know if you think otherwise.
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