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Alex Chilton -
Variety Arts Center;
October 30, 1987

Master Audience recording made by Haircut

Aud 1st Gen Master Cassette > CD-R > Wav > TLH Flac 8

So here's an interesting one. Alex Chilton on his High Priest tour in 1987. The theater at the Variety Arts Center must have had a capacity of 1000+ people but there couldn't have been 100 at this show. I literally was able to place my cassette recorder on the edge of the stage at the start of the set. Problem with that was it picked some pounding on the stage as well as quite a bit of drunken chatter (including the occasional show narration from someone who apparently lost their job that day). It was the night before Halloween and everyone was well lubricated.

At the end of the show, I was able to walk on stage, into the wings and chat with Alex. An atttactive young lady came into view and Alex cocks an eyebrow and says "Thanks for coming, I have to take care of some business."

OK audience recording and Alex's band is really good...a full horn section joins a few songs in. Enjoyable listen if you're a fan.

Warning: at minute 5 of Dalai Lama there is tape damage that lasts for several minutes until the end of the song.

01 Tee Na Ni Nee Noo/Tip On In
02 September Gurls
03 Thing For You
04 B-A-B-Y
05 Volare'
06 Bangkok
07 Baby Whatcha Gonna Do
08 Disco Lady
09 Underclass (?)
10 Make a Little Love
11 New Orleans jam (?)
12 Save Your Love For Me (?)
13 No Sex
14 Ya Ya
15 Thank You John
16 Take It Off
17 Come By Here
18 Little GTO
19 Dalai Lama (tape fries around 5 minute mark)

From my friend Mat at

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