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Alice Cooper
American Music Theater
Lancaster Pa
September 4, 2010

Great show, as always from Alice. Way back many many years ago I saw Alice Cooper ( Nightmare Returns Tour November 12, 1986 Wilkes-Barre Pa @ The 109th Armory )
Vinnie Vincent Invasion opened for Alice, it was my first real concert and it was amazing. Since then I have
seen Alice many times. So now my oldest daughter ( I have 2 girls) is about to turn 8 in a couple days, so I took her to her very
first concert this one !!! She had a blast , loved every minute of the show !! I hope he sticks around a couple more years so my little
one can see him. Anyway I thought I would let everyone know how special this show was for me.

Now I saw him on this tour last year and it would seem his setlist got Shorter, I recorded the Scranton show from last year and
he left out Department Of Youth, Welcome To My Nightmare, The Awakening, Devil's Food , not sure why the shorter setlist, maybe some
Amish curfew or somthing. I sure hate to think he is slowing down. I will also be going to the Cooper/Zombie show in Binghamton NY.

Recording came out pretty good, this show was all about my daughter and me so, as a great man once said " sometimes you
have to be a fan first" . Still the show is worth checking out. Not much talking around me.

01. Schools Out
02. No More Mr. Nice Guy
03. I'm Eighteen
04. Wicked Young Man
05. The Ballad Of Dwight Fry
06. Go To Hell
07. Guilty
08. Cold Ethyl
09. Poison
10. From The Inside
11. Nurse Rozetta
12. Be My Lover
13. Only Women Bleed
14. I Never Cry
15. Black Widow (Inst.)
16. Vengance Is Mine
17. Dirty Diamonds
18. Billion Dollar Babies
19. Killer
20. I Love The Dead
21. Feed My Frankenstien
22. Under My Wheels
23. Elected
24. Schools Out (One More Time !)

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