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Alice Cooper
Mayo Performing Arts Center
Morristown, NJ
19 October, 2013

Taper: Powerage5

01 The Underture Intro
02 Hello Hooray
03 House Of Fire
04 No More Mr. Nice Guy
05 Under My Wheels
06 I'll Bite Your Face Off
07 Billion Dollar Babies
08 Caffeine
09 Department Of Youth
10 Hey Stoopid
11 Dirty Diamonds (Incl. drum and bass solo)
12 Welcome To My Nightmare
13 Go To Hell
14 He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
15 Feed My Frankenstein
16 The Ballad Of Dwight Fry
17 Killer
18 I Love The Dead
19 Raise The Dead intro
20 Break On Through (To The Other Side)
21 Revolution
22 Foxy Lady
23 My Generation
24 I'm Eighteen
25 Poison
26 School's Out

So, a bit of a story before I get to the goods. I'd been planning to go to the show in Verona on Monday, but hadn't actually got my tickets yet. I'd seen the Red Bank show, but didn't tape that one as I went with a couple friends, so we were just having a good time. It comes to be Friday, the day before this Morristown show and just for kicks I check tickets to this one - pulled up 3rd row. Seeing as all that was available for Verona was back of the venue (Which were STILL $70), it made for a very easy choice to drive back down to Jersey for the second time in 5 days.

Now, that said - the crowd is lively at times since I recorded this from the 3rd row. In between songs, you'll hear a couple comments from people around me. Occasionally, you'll hear a whistle or whatnot. The pyro bursts were extremely loud, and those peaked out my mics at the end of Poison. And when the crowd was instructed to clap, you'll hear clapping (Luckily, in time for the most part!). The bass was quite heavy at this gig, and as such the low end is distorted here. Otherwise, I think it came out pretty decent for taping right underneath the stacks!

Download this bootleg here
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