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Hi, guys. I've been searching endlessly for those boots. They're incredibly hard to find. Some traders refused to answer my e-mails, so I'm asking you guys.

I'll be sharing some of my boots on the next few days. Any of following bootlegs are GREATLY appreciated.

Frankfurt, Germany ??/02/86 (Frankfurt Jazz Festival FM)(A+)(w/ Kei Akagai, Jimmy Johnson, Gary Husband)
Bass Clef, England 25/02/86 AUD A-
Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA 14/04/86 AUD A-
9:30 Club, Washington, DC 20/04/86 AUD B+
Haltern, Germany 5/6/87 AUD A- (SIZZLES!)
New York City, 9/12/87, AUD A (awesome)
Miami, 1988, w/Coliauta, AUD A (AWESOME)
Milano, 29/4/92, 2cdr SBD A++
Koln, 1992, SBD A+
Ravenna, 1993, 2cdr SBD A++
Umea, Sweden, 1997, A+ FM, w/Wackerman
Milano, 23/3/97, 2cdr, SBD A+ w/Novak
Frankfurt, 1998, SBD A+
Warsaw, 6/19/98 w/Novak FM A++
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