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Fillmore East
105 Second Av. at East Sixth St.
New York, N.Y.
Feb. 14th, 1970

1-In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
2-Hootchie Cootchie Man
3-I'm Gonna Move
4-Whipping Post
5-Mountain Jam

The Musicians: (buy their buyable stuff)

Duane Allman-Guitar,Vocal
Dickie Betts-Vocal,Guitar
Berry Oakley-Bass
Jai Johanny 'Jaimoe' Johanson-Drums & Perc.
Greg Allman-Organ,Vocal
Butch Trucks-Drums

After all the great ABB posts here I'm glad to have found one for
everybody else.

Thanks to Arizona Jones.

The link:

I'm not sure about that last letter in the link.


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