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This is the bootleg of Altamont Free Concert 1969-12-06, organisated by the Rolling Stones.
loads of details here
enjoy it !

other artwork :
artwork 1
artwork 2

CD 1
01.Introduction by Mick Jagger

03.Jingo (incomplete)


The Flying Burrito Brothers
05.Six Days On The Road
06.High Fashion Queen
07.Cody, Cody
08.Lazy Day

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
09.Black Queen
10.Pre-Road Downs
11.Long Time Gone
12.Down By The River (incomplete)


Jefferson Airplane
14.The Other Side of Life

Paul Kantner
15.Easy, Everybody (Marty Balins’ gets knocked out)

Jefferson Airplane
16.3/5 of a Mile in 10 Sec. (false start)
17.3/5 of a Mile in 10 Sec.
18.Fat Angel
19.White Rabbit
20.Free Bird
21.Ballad of You & Me and Poonel

The Rolling Stones
22. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
23. Carol

CD 2

The Rolling Stones
01.Sympathy For The Devil (false start)
02.Be, Cool, People
03.Sympathy For The Devil
04.“Who’s Fighting”?
05.The Sun Is Shining
06.Stray Cat Blues
07.Love In Vain
08.“Sit Down”!!
09.Under My Thumb
10.“Get Off The Stage”!!
11.Under My Thumb
12.Brown Sugar (incomplete)
13.Midnight Rambler
14.Live With Me
15.Gimme Shelter
16.Little Queenie
17.(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
18.Honky Tonk Women
19.Street Fighting Man

Download with Megaupload

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I have it. Can't remember if I got it from this thread or somewhere else but the tracklist is the same. Also in the original download a couple of the Jefferson Airplane song titles were wrong so I've corrected them.

Quite a low-fi recording, but fascinating to listen to. Just imagining some guy struggling in the middle of the crowd with a reel-to-reel recorder... It must have been quite a feat to record this!


It's not a split rar so each file can be opened seperately.



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sounds like more than 1 source here - some parts are clear, then it sounds like the mic is inside a pocket! and the idiots screaming by the recorder can be annoying too. and songs cut, etc... but it is what it is. and we're lucky anyone was able to record anything at this show. thanks for the post. hopefully someday a better more complete recording will turn up.
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