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"Soft Rock Brigade"
John Ford Coley
Gary Wright
Christopher Cross
Dacotah Exposition Center
Jackpot Junction Casino
Morton, MN
February 15, 2002
AUD - 9/10

Ok folks... here's something you don't see everyday. Back in 2002, Light rockers Ambrosia teamed up with fellow light rockers John Ford Coley, Gary Wright and Christopher Cross for a tour dubbed the "Soft Rock Brigade" in 2002.

Ambrosia was seeing a revival of sorts after sacking main man David Pack due to what they felt were restrictions on performing- how often, where, what songs to play etc. John Ford Coley, who was half of England Dan and John Ford Coley had been on his own since the disbanding of the duo in the early 80's when England Dan dropped the "England" part of his name and became Dan Seals, the country singer. Gary Wright, who was most famous for his mega-hit "Dream Weaver" was also on the bill- Gary, who was part of the very influential band Spooky Tooth, unfortunately did not do any Spooky Tooth material this night. Rounding out the night was super-soft rocker Christopher Cross who had a blazingly successful album in the early 80s. Ambrosia was the backing band of the other artists mentioned above.

All in all, this was a pretty cool concert of the biggest hits of the 4 artists involved. Our seats were pretty close to the stage, within maybe 25 feet of the PA.

No Artwork- sorry.

Lineage: Sony D7 DAT w/ Sony ECM-909A MS Stereo microphone > SoundEdit16 on Mac G3 (for track separation, fade in, fade out) > AIFF > Kodak Gold 80 CD-R > Mp3 @ 192 kbps > WinZip > Megaupload > you.

Track List:
01 Nice, Nice, Very Nice- Ambrosia
02 You're The Only Woman- Ambrosia
03 We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again- John Ford Coley
04 Nights Are Forever Without You- John Ford Coley
05 I'd Really Love To See You Tonight- John Ford Coley
06 Love Is The Answer- John Ford Coley
07 How Much I Feel- Ambrosia
08 Holdin' On To Yesterday- Ambrosia
09 Love Is Alive- Gary Wright
10 Dream Weaver- Gary Wright
11 Biggest Part Of Me- Ambrosia
12 Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do)- Christopher Cross
13 Ride Like The Wind- Christopher Cross
14 All Right- Christopher Cross

Enjoy! :rock:

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Let me be the first who thank you for share this. As you say, this is something you don't see everyday. And by the way, the link is wrong, you need to copy first the link, then you open the page, and paste the link, so you can get the dl page, and could dl the file.

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Thank you for notifying me of the bad link. It has been fixed and is working once again. You are very welcome. Glad you like the show. I was pleasantly surprised.
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