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Grand Falls Casino, Larchwood IA,
January 12, 2013

IEM/AUD Matrix

IEM Source: Sennheiser Stereo Receiver -> M-Audio Microtrack II 16/44

AUD Source: Tascam DR-05 with Internal Mics 16/44

Transfer: Memory Cards -> USB -> Cooledit Pro
(normalize levels, matrix sources) ->
Traders Little Helper FLAC Level 8

Taper Notes:

This show was a last minute deal for me giving me little time to prepare. Unfortunately
I lent out my usual mics to a friend so I was forced to use the internal mics on my Tascam
DR-05 which are far less than ideal but better than nothing. My comp'd seat in the
very last row of the venue didn't help either but I couldn't argue with the free price.

The IEM source was Dewey Bunnell's earfeed so his voice is naturally high in the mix. This
feed was not very good since it contained mainly Dewey's voice and guitar with not much
of the rest of the band coming through. I mixed both sources as best I could but given the
limitations of each the final product was less than ideal but better than nothing.

Overall a good show and the highlight for me was Gerry's banter about the venue being a little
overzealous on the security. His reference to the "great Air Supply riot of 2008" was classic.

Take it or leave it...just don't complain!



01. Intro
02. Tin Man
03. You Can Do Magic
04. Don't Cross the River
05. Daisy Jane
06. Riverside
07. I Need You
08. Here
09. Ventura Highway
10. Woodstock
11. Cornwall Blank->
12. Hollywood
13. Til I Hear It From You
14. The Border
15. Woman Tonight
16. Only In Your Heart
17. California Dreaming
18. Lonely People (with band Intros)
19. Sandman
20. Sister Golden Hair
21. A Horse With No Name

* Converted To FLAC January 2013
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