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Teatro Geox, Padova, Italy,
April 14, 2011

I am afraid to admit it was the first time I listened seriously to America, I was there with friends. I thought it was a good enough concert and I was expecially surprised to find out the vocals were very good. I also enjoyed the bass player but, to tell the truth I wasn't that impressed by the drummer. Anyway it was a good show. Sound quality is listenable, but it's unfortunately boomy: I don't know what went wrong here. The same microphone taped other concerts in better sound quality. I guess it was the acoustic's fault. Anyway I thought this recording would have been appreciated, so here it is. Thanks to some research I sorted out the setlist, I hope I got everything correct. Unfortunately there's a cut in "A Horse With No Name" (the only song I knew well) because as I was standing up I switched the pause button (aaaargh!), but I manage to resumed the recording.

01 Intro
02 Tin Man
03 You Can Do Magic
04 Don't Cross The River
05 Old Man took
06 Daisy Jane
07 Wind Wave
08 Riverside
09 Three Roses
10 Rainy Day
11 I Need You
12 Here
13 Ventura Highway
14 Chasing The Rainbow
15 Cornwall Blank
16 The Border
17 Woman Tonight
18 Only In Your Heart
19 California Dreamin'
20 Lonely People
21 Crew and Band intros
22 Sandman
23 Sister Golden Hair
24 Survival
25 A Horse With No Name

Gerry Beckley: acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Dewey Bunnell: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals
Michael Woods: acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, background vocals
Richard Campbell: bass, background vocals
Willie Leacox: drums

Taped by: JacoZappa

Lineage: ICD-UX200 with Sony stereo external microphones --> wav --> flac

Share and enjoy!
Do not convert this in mp3
Do not sell this. If I see this or any other torrent by me sold somewhere, I'll stop sharing anything.

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