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im sorry guys, but whoever decided to make the post on zakk vs. malmsteen i mean come on lets talk about some guitarists who actually deserve to be heard more often. I think that the amott brothers are two of the best guitarists around but havent really been recognized because their music isnt exactly what most would call popular. 2 bands they have been in come to mind. 1 - carcass 2- arch enemy. If you listen to this stuff at all you will realize that shred is starting to come back in a big way and these 2 guys are leading the charge. Also anyone who dares to say that carcass is "just death metal" should be castrated. I play carcass stuff all of the time mainly because it is very classicly infused as far as the way their songs are writen and i should know after teaching bach and mozart to kids for the last 2 months. I think these guys deserve a lot more attention and i think that we should make a thread dedicated to people who arnt as well recognized.

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I love their stuff, Arch Enemy is easily one of the best metal bands I have heard. They have amazing chops and they use them well, they dont resort to mindless scale running, their sense of melody is great.
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