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Not sure if you are interested in this but here it is-
This is for Guitar Guys:
YOU gotta see this-
Here is the deal. I have been endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars, Seymour Duncan pickups and Floyd Rose and D'addario. So what I did, is put all of them on the Daisy Rock! (minus the D'addario on this set up)I am pretty happy- here it is:
We added more switches to get around 25 different sounds for this guitar. I put in Seymour Duncan (of course) Almeco APH-1n in the neck and a custom custom part # TB-11 for the Bridge pickup and had each pickup ordered with the 4 way conductor wires for versatility..
And this was all put on my new Daisy Rock Guitar whom I am currently endorsed with. Also on this guitar is the new Floyd Rose speedloader(you have to see the pictures!), whom I am also endorsed with, along with Seymour Duncan. What I have done is put all of my "family members" on one guitar! I thank all of my sponsors tremendously!!Mind you, my amp situation is not great at all, but I am getting a great tone anyway, so, when I get a great amp set up, this girl will be pretty happy-Pictures here:
I am also currently wondering if anyone has a older used Ibaneze RG 550 available-
Please see my site at Http:// and email me at: [email protected]

Write me back when you have some time!

Thank you for your time in reading this and checking out the guitar- there is not another one like it!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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