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Anderson, Bruford, Wackeman, Howe: Summer Themes - The Summit, Houston, Tx, USA '89 [Double CD :: Ex+ Audience :: 320k]

Anderson, Bruford, Wackeman, Howe - Summer Themes. [PRRP 023]
Recorded Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, USA - August 28, 1989.
Excellent+ Audience Recording Remastered :: CBR 320 kbps.
Disc 1
01. Time And A Word (Fades In)
02. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
03. Teakbois
04. Clap
05. Mood For A Day
06. Rick Wakeman Solo
07. Long Distance Runaround/Drum Solo
08. Birthright
09. And You And I
10. I've Seen All Good People
11. Close To The Edge

Disc 2
01. Themes
02. Brother Of Mine
03. The Meeting
04. Heart Of The Sunrise
05. Order Of The Universe
06. Roundabout
07. Starship Trooper

NOTES: This is a remaster work produced by PRRP staff and so a high quality work.

When Jon Anderson, disenchanted with the new direction that Yes was taking, announced his departure from the band after the huge 1987-88 “Big Generator” tour, very few people knew what the man had in mind for the future of Yes music. The answer came less than a year later when an official announcement was made that Jon had joined forces with former Yes band members Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe to sign with Arista Records and form a new group named simply “Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe”. With the task of getting Yes music back on track again, ABWH set off to record their only studio album. Completed in the summer of 1989, this album recaptured the magic of the early Yes albums these four men created in the early seventies, and, once released, gained worldwide fan and critic acclaim.

The show we present here was recorded in front of 15,000 people at the Summit in Houston, Texas, on August 28th of 1989, and would be the last performance to include Tony Levin during this part of the tour. Shortly after completing the final song of the evening, “Starship Trooper”, Tony walked off and collapsed back stage. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Hepatitis. Four concerts had to be cancelled while the band quickly recruited American bass player Jeff Berlin to replace Levin until he could return. Under the circumstances, and with only three days to absorb so many complex pieces of music, Jeff did a magnificent job. The ABWH full-concert video, which was shot only a few days later in California, stands as undeniable proof of that fact. Tony Levin returned to his post for the first concert of the U.K. leg of the tour on October 20th. Sadly, the ABWH project only lasted for this one tour and ended with the formation of the Yes / ABWH Union. (Extract taken from PRRP Staff´s original nfo file)

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THANKS VERILY for ye CONCERT of RICKE WACKEMANN and his FRENDS THREE ye BILL BU(FFOON)FORD, ye JONNE ANDERSON, and Ye STPHEN HOW. Who did ply in the year of our Lord 1989 (somewhat AFTER THE EVENTS mentionned in MR WACKEMANNS SOLO ALBUMS) a CONCERT in ye COLONNIE of HOUSTON whereat ye TONIE LEVIN did contract ye BLACKE DEATH being a curse SENT FROM GODDE for them ALLE thinking of playing and SINGEING ye DON'T KILL THE WALE which is GOOD for otherwhise HOWE should we obtain ye AMBERGRISE? Ye HIPPIES and CONSERVATIONISTS sholde thinke LOGIKALLY and with REGARDS to the PRESSING NEEDS of MANKIND as CREATED BYE GODDE in the FORM of ENGLISHEMENNE.
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