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Andy Taylor live at The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano (CA), USA

Show recorded at 1987-05-17

01 Intro.flac
02 Thunder.flac
03 Don't let me die young.flac
04 Night train.flac
05 Bringin' me down.flac
06 Life goes on.flac
07 Winner with you.flac
08 Broken window.flac
09 Beast of burden.flac
10 When the rain comes down.flac
11 I might lie.flac
12 Take it easy.flac
13 Get it on (bang a gong).flac
14 Interview.flac
15 Wild rice .flac

Andy Taylor (ex-Duran Duran) went solo in 1986. He recorded with Steve Jones and ex-Missing Persons band members his record Thunder. To promote his new album, he embarked on a little tour to the US and Japan.

This show is somehow a little messed up. The songs are complete, but sometimes the intro is faded in. Also, there is noise and hum (which I tried to reduce without using EQ). It appears to have been recorded in a bar-like environment. Perhaps this one is for the fans only.

Extra added is an interview with Andy Taylor and a Duran Duran commercial ad "Wild Rice".

Lineage: recorded from tape to PC. Tape obtained in trade in the 90's. Audience recording.

Sound: 3/10!TkJQVJ6R!Cu2dA0ev6sO9Y1xpY9fu_Dd0HjMr39ff382a6nJh3Bo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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