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*Recorded and posted by johnnyC3 on :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 *

February 27, 2020
Studio B on the Independence of the Seas
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rock Legends Cruise VIII
The first of at least a dozen shows from me on the cruise. There will be other shows from another taper at some point too.

MIKEY 2.0 iPod Recording Microphone 16/44.1
Slightly off center, in the bowl seats directly across from the stage.


Time: 1:24:41

01 Angel (Theme)
02 On the Rocks
03 Mirrors
04 Can You Feel It
05 Wild and Hot
06 Under the Gun
07 Bad Time
08 The Fortune
09 We Were The Wild
10 Don't Leave Me Lonely
11 I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
12 Slow Down
13 Got Love If You Want It
14 Feelin' Right
15 Rock & Rollers

16 The Tower

Pretty decent show, albeit a little dated material, but still good. House lights came on several times during the show, and after Rock & Rollers. Half the audience cleared out before the band came back on to play the Tower. I made a WTF? comment to my wife which I edited out. Kinda funny, but kinda a gong show.

6597a2e1f15b650069aaddf48d07edd6 *01 Angel (Theme).flac
8bbb52950dbda24cd4538ffeacc90014 *02 On the Rocks.flac
29fa0a8b43130b38858886026b3c541f *03 Mirrors.flac
9c0237e898c6aa4e12ab1e421eed7282 *04 Can You Feel It.flac
f31e64e15f4a1684245fb91655bf331a *05 Wild and Hot.flac
e1947fcba569037b7ccf7b72c3d55f29 *06 Under the Gun.flac
c20fe5e284ba8eab04e676861ea248f1 *07 Bad Time.flac
a3a4577f3b81285deb0802f5f8427036 *08 The Fortune.flac
f6439d00d451db1c4d6e30779f6c68d0 *09 We Were The Wild.flac
cd3eced21ce78c97b6ca8717c7a43d0c *10 Don't Leave Me Lonely.flac
acf8fcd8bce54b89648075f148c60ed0 *11 I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore.flac
472eca6f0012891ea508b2dff1da3f19 *12 Slow Down.flac
3364a542f247aabd719db053bc6d93bf *13 Got Love If You Want It.flac
0cfe50de81d825d10a220ccae81022b0 *14 Feelin' Right.flac
ca882d7534dc34589d231474fef066d1 *15 Rock & Rollers.flac
b3dc111195d531da7ab73d305dd3cbc5 *16 The Tower.flac




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