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Winston-Salem, NC
(AUD) Flac

Source: Realistic 33-1065 mic --> Sony MZ-R70 minidisc
Taper: JethroNC
Location: 12' in air, 20' behind left stack
Conversion: Sony MZ-R70 --> Roland UA-30 --> CDWave --> CDWave: flac 8


01. Death Train Comin' > Alpha Male
02. Queen City Stomp
03. Hate For Power
04. Scapegoat
05. FTK
06. Star Whore
07. Dear Abby
08. Ugly American
09. Fornication
10. Up All Night
11. Weight Of The World
12. Today Your Love
13. Stormtrooper
14. Fuck All Ya'll

* *
*** NOT FOR SALE! Give it to friends & strangers. ***
* *
*****************ANTiSEEN : The Badwill Ambassadors*********************


Jeff Clayton - Vocals
Mighty Joe Young - guitar
Sir Barry Hannibal - drums, background vocals
Doug Canipe - bass, background vocals

* Level adjustment during t01 at 1:47 (~3 seconds lost)
* Drunk dancer knocked over the minidisc during t05 at 1:59. ~9 seconds of
music was lost, but I cut the silence down to 1 second (Cool Edit Pro 2.0)
* Thanks to Hunter for letting me use the mic!

*PRESERVE THE QUALITY! This recording is being distributed in the lossless *
*flac format to maintain its original fidelity. Feel free to convert to *
*mp3, aac, wma or whatever format you prefer for personal use but please *
* do not redistribute in non-lossless formats. Thank you! *

If you like this, check out their other recordings. ANTiSEEN : The Badwill Ambassadors

ANTiSEEN is an American Punk Rock Band formed in Charlotte, North Carolina by Jeff Clayton and Joe Young in 1983. The name "Antiseen" serves as a deliberate deviation of the phrase "anti-scene" - the group not wishing to adhere to standard perceptions of punk rock in specific and rock music in general. Musically, Antiseen is influenced by groups such as the Ramones and Stooges, employing short, heavily distorted power chord-driven songs largely free of guitar solos or advanced musicianship. The band has a catalogue of over 100 LPs, EPs, CDs and DVDs recorded with various line-ups and have performed all over the world.

The band members currently consists of vocalist Jeff Clayton, bassist/drummer Sir Barry Hannibal, guitarist Mad Brother Ward, and touring bassist Malcolm Tent. Antiseen remains a touring band as of 2020.

Past Members:

Joe Young (deceased)
The Gooch
Doug Canipe
Greg Clayton
Dale Duncan
Marlon Cherry
Doug Throgmorton
Thomas O'Keefe
GG Allin (deceased)
Tripp McNeill
Sir Barry Hannibal
Byron "Spitbubble" McDonald
Lee "Flea" Howard
Steve Sadler
Brad Keeter
Bill Cates
Mitch Cooper
Joe Williams
Dana "Ace" Davis
Jon Bowman
Phil Keller

ANTiSEEN - 2005-09-04 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC (AUD) Flac
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