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We are new to this forum but it seems to be a great place for musical collaboration so we wanted to post a message about a project we are working on that needs a metal vocalist. We were originally working with Johnny Lokke, who has done a lot of collaboration on this forum in the past, but he does not have the time at the moment to work on the vocals for our tunes and he recommended we check out this forum to look for another metal singer.

We are looking for a melodic metal singer to collaborate with online. This is a studio only side project, created by two guitarists from the bands Affliction and Worwyk, with the goal of writing some good metal tunes and collaborating online, although we do plan to make a disc to sell on CDBaby and other outlets like iTunes. There are no plans to try to make this a real band and play shows - it is strictly a studio only project. The style of music is traditional metal and the ideal singer would have a mid-high range, similar to many of todays power and traditional metal vocalists. We have 8 tunes written and recorded and some lyrics, but we are open to other lyrical contributions if you already have lyrics written. Some of our influences include Maiden, Megadeth, Priest, etc.

Some of the initial demos are posted at this site, along with some general info about the project:

(sorry, since we didn't have 10 posts yet it wouldn't let us make this a hot link so you will have to copy and paste the link)

If you are interested in this project, please email us at the address below for more details:

[email protected]

If you have any vocal samples you can email or point us too, that would be great.

The one condition is the singer must have access to recording equipment, whether in a small home studio or real studio, to record the vocals since they will be recording the vocals on top of the mixed music and sending it back to us for final mixing and mastering. All the tunes have been recorded on a PC using Cubase. At the moment, the drums are just midi tracks with samples.

Hope to hear from some great metal singers soon!

Tom & Darren
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