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I'm interested in this guy in Ithica New York who does mods. Anyone? Anyone?

Also I tried a VH100 Laney and was tickled, would like to get either a GH100 or a GH100TI which of course is Tony Iommi amp..........your thoughts, guys.

Thanx, FormulaET:icon_thum :scratch:
Here's what he says 'bout the 5150
Peavey 5150 Series: This is what we generally address for the Peavey 5150 series and are often asked about but anything is possible!
1.) $150.00 - Price to convert 5150II series to original 5150 specs ($150.00 is our minimum for all amps that are shipped in).
2.) $395.00 - Standard 5150 Mod with 2 Day Turn Around Time!
* We remove the fuzzy/buzzy characteristics in favor or of gain that is more articulate/defined/clear
* We tighten up the bottom end so it's rock solid and never loose/tubby/woofy
* As make the clean channel cleaner/more airy/chimey/open sounding as well as warmer
* The crunch channel is greatly improved as well
* We convert the amp over to adjustable bias (normally $49.95 extra) based on the tubes type you want to use (6L6 or EL34)
* We balance out all the frequencies so the amp is more even sounding over all as well as responsive
* You can get more of a cranked tone at lower volumes as well as sustain
* The amp will be able to cut through the mix a lot better both live as well as in the studio
* Improve the harmonic structure so harmonics leap off from the fretboard with ease
* The EQ section will be more flexible over all
* You can get a cranked tone at lower volume levels (the clips on our site were recorded with the Master Volume on "1") the amp will also sound great at higher volumes as well
* All features will still function the same and we do not add/remove any tubes nor do we drill any holes
* We do not modify the FX-Loop or the switching system, only the preamp and the power amp
* Add-On Controls: We are not able to add on any extra controls as there is no physical room inside the amp to make that happen
* We can dial in the amp to your personal tastes if you so prefer
* We charge a flat fee of $395.00 to mod the Peavey 5150 series and this includes the 5150 and the 5150 II heads. Combos are more in-depth as they are laid out differently and we basically have to disassemble the amp to mod it. The combos are $425.00 to modify.
* TURN AROUND TIME: 2 business days!!
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