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April Wine
The Rock
Maplewood, MN
June 9, 2001
AUD - 9/10

Band Lineup:
Myles Goodwyn- Vocals, Guitar
Brian Greenway- Guitar, Vocals
Jim Clench- Bass, Vocals
Carl Dixon- Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jerry Mercer- Drums, Backing Vocals

In the summer of 2001, April Wine had been away for a few years with the exception of a small tour here and there, but came storming back with the release of their album "Back To The Mansion". They went on a full tour, once again deciding to tour a few spots in the states. The Twin Cities was lucky enough to be on their agenda.

This tour was a little different, they played a small nightclub in Maplewood (which is a suburb of St. Paul) called The Rock, which was fairly new at the time- a little later, this club would expand greatly and change it's name to the Myth Nightclub- The latest Tesla DVD was filmed there. Also- new to the lineup of April Wine was Carl Dixon, who used to front the Canadian band Coney Hatch, on Keys, 3rd Guitar and backing vocals.

I taped this show myself, it's not the greatest sounding show in the world, I was standing pretty close to the stage, but I like it. It also shows the band at a creative point in their career, highlighting a handful of songs from their new album at that point "Back To The Mansion", so it's nice to hear some new stuff from them as well.

Lineage: Sony D7 DAT w/ Sony ECM-909A MS Stereo microphone > SoundEdit16 on Mac G3 > AIFF > Kodak Gold 80 CD-R > Mp3 @ 192 kbps > WinZip > Megaupload > you.

Track List:
Disc One:
01 Wanna Rock
02 Just Like That
03 Myles' Speech
04 Say Hello
05 Enough Is Enough
06 Before The Dawn
07 Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
08 Cum Hear The Band
09 The Band Has Just Begun
10 Electric Jewels
11 Myles' Speech 2
12 Talk To Me
13 Holiday

Disc Two:
01 I Like To Rock-Drum Solo
02 If You Believe In Me
03 I Won't Go There
04 All Over Town
05 Weeping Widow
06 Roller
07 Just Between You And Me
08 You Could Have Been A Lady
09 Oowatanite

Enjoy! :rock:

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Here's some artwork that I created long long ago for this recording. I know its a cheap rip-off from their box set, but whadaya want... it's a bootleg. :D


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