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in Oriol Music I attach the PDF with the complete exercise and completely free of charge)

Knowledge of arpeggios is paramount in a guitarist and one of the most complex technical concepts to practice. For this reason I have created this exercise that I highly recommend, where major, minor and diminished triads appear in all positions and tones. As with music it is sometimes easier to understand the concepts seeing and listening to it than speaking, here I upload a video from my YouTube channel where I explain the exercise in detail and playing it at different speeds to practice.

The exercise is based on four points:

-Arpeggios are ordered by the fourth cycle. If we start with the C triad, then the Fa triad would come, then B flat, etc ...

-An attempt will be made to move the hand through the mast as little as possible, in this way many more positions appear (I recommend watching the video to understand this concept).

-The arpeggios will be played up and down for the pick to work in two directions.

-The exercise will be played, as long as it sounds good and the technique is correct, at the highest possible speed. Not only because of gaining speed and technique with the instrument, but because in this way we force ourselves to be clear about the positions of the arpeggios. I explain myself better: you cannot play an arpeggio at high speed if you are not clear where each note of it goes. I recommend using the metronome to quantify speed.
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